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The Best Home Workout

I wonder how many people searched for the best home workout on March 23rd 2020. Or indeed how many people searched for home gym equipment to buy for their home. One thing is for sure, for a lot of people fitness and gym workouts have changed a lot!

There are hundreds, if not thousands of different ways to workout in a gym. You might be a fan of cardio and never really ventured into the weight area. You might be interested in weights and have a set routine. You might love the classes your gym provides. Overnight, this became unavailable to us all. No more chatting between sets to fellow gym members, no more social interaction with the gym staff, no more 1-2-1 in person personal training sessions. It has been 51 days since my gym closed. I'll be honest, I miss it a lot. I miss the people who come to train with me, I miss the gym staff and I miss the music that I so often complain about in there. But all is not lost, the gym will be open one day and whatever normal will be we will adapt.

To find the perfect home workout could send you on a trip through lots of different websites. The truth is, there is no perfect home workout. The two most important things when starting a workout routine are safety and attainability. For a workout to be attainable you need to be able to complete the workout successfully over a period of weeks if not months. So the latest Mens Health front cover model might have a great physique, but can you complete his workouts over a period of time?

My go to home workouts are Crossfit WODs (workouts of the day). Crossfit takes a lot of stick in the industry, but the more I research, the more I find the fundamentals and principles of the training could have a place for everyone. There are hundreds of bodyweight WODs that you can search for online, each one challenging you in a different capacity. Something that is often included in Crossfit WODs is jump rope (skipping). I have a hatred for skipping that goes all the way back to primary school, where to be honest I was always embarrassed that I couldn't perform what seemed a simple skill to so many others. So I took it upon myself to learn during the current lockdown. It is certainly a nice burner and something I will continue to use now with the majority of my workouts. My key points for a home workout;

- Find a space you can use consistently, this will make it feel less like you are just working out in the living room

- Pick something you will enjoy to start with, get into the swing with it and see how far you can push

- Home workouts are tough! Stick with in and you will feel better by the end

- Take a glass or bottle of water with you, you will need it! - Most of all enjoy it!

I hope this has helped you with your home workouts!

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